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Indiana University Bloomington


The Kelley Advantage

Our faculty members sit on the editorial boards of more than 10 leading journals in economics.


The Department of Business Economics and Public Policy’s faculty are active researchers and teachers who encourage students to become leaders in economics and public policy. Our faculty publish in journals such as American Economic Review, Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, RAND Journal of Economics, and the Journal of Political Economy. Our faculty and faculty emeriti have a long history of providing economic advice to local, state, and federal officials and agencies.

Check out our recent publications and working papers, and our seminar series.

Faculty Member Contact Professional Interests
Michael Baye Professor mbaye [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2779
Business School,
Room 452
Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Game Theory, E-Commerce, Antitrust
Kerem Cakirer Lecturer kcakirer [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2781
Business School,
Room 436
Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Game Theory and Strategy, Applied Microeconomics
Babur De Los Santos Assistant Professor babur [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3345
Business School,
Room 442
Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, and Labor Economics
Rick Harbaugh Associate Professor riharbau [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2777
Business School,
Room 450
Game Theory, Strategic Communication, Managerial Economics, Chinese Economy
Andreas Hauskrecht Clinical Associate Professor ahauskre [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2784
Business School,
Room 444
International Economics and Finance, Money, and Banking
Scott Kennedy Adjunct Professor kennedys [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0105
Business School,
Room 451
Contemporary Chinese Politics, Business Lobbying and Policymaking, Global Governance, U.S. -Chinese Relations.
Steven Kreft Clinical Associate Professor skreft [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-4965
Business School,
Room 458
Public Economics, Sustainability, Corporate Social Strategy, Non-Market Risks, Entrepreneurship
Haizhen Lin Assistant Professor hzlin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3535
Business School,
Room 440
Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Law and Economics, Applied Econometrics
Dmitry Lubensky Assistant Professor dlubensk [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5851
Business School,
Room 460
Applied Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
Elham Mafi-Kreft Clinical Assistant Professor emafikre [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2775
Business School,
Room 446
International Financial Institutions, Monetary Policy, European Monetary Union
John Maxwell Professor jwmax [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9219
Business School,
Room 454
Corporate Environmentalism and Public Policy, Non-market Strategy, Risk Management, Environmental Economics
Bill Petrovic Adjunct Professor wmpetrov [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3360
Business School,
Room 435
International Economics and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Public Policy
Philip Powell Clinical Associate Professor phpowell [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3350
Godfrey Center,
Room 2022
Economic and Institutional Development in Pacific Island States; Business Strategy in Health Care and Life Sciences
Jeff Prince Associate Professor jeffprin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-2692
Business School,
Room 456
Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Strategy, Regulation
Eric Rasmusen Professor erasmuse [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3356
Business School,
Room 438
Law and Economics, Social Regulation, Crime, Asymmetric Information
Michael Rauh Associate Professor mtrauh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2782
Business School,
Room 446A
Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, and Game Theory
Robert Ridlon Visiting Assistant Professor rridlon [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5376
Business School,
Room 447
Game Theory, Contests in Marketing Strategy, Pricing Strategies, Consumer Decision Making, Auctions
Catalin Stefanescu Lecturer castefan [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2773
Business School,
Room 436
International Finance, Monetary Policy, Macroeconomics
Visiting Professor jvonhage [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3360
Business School,
Room 435
International Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Federalism
Matthijs Wildenbeest Associate Professor mwildenb [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5067
Business School,
Room 448
Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics