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Indiana University Bloomington

Business Law

Alumni Spotlight

Naura Keiser

Naura Keiser BS/BA'05

Law Student, Duke University School of Law

“My prerequisite course in business law, L201 Legal Environment of Business, taught by Professor Langvardt, was the most engaging course I took during my freshman year.”


Undergraduate Program

We provide many options for business law study at Kelley. As one of the largest departments of our kind, we are able to offer a broader range of upper-level undergraduate business law courses and electives than most other business schools.

Kelley undergraduate students can take advantage of our Legal Studies major as a single major or by pairing it with another Kelley major. All Kelley undergraduates take required courses taught by our faculty and are encouraged to take our electives to augment their educations.

Bachelor of Science in Business—Legal Studies Major

Our legal studies majors examine a variety of current legal issues and trends affecting business and society in courses taught by some of the top scholars in the field. Students will focus on critical reasoning skills, gaining excellent preparation for positions in consulting, risk management, and litigation support. Legal studies majors will also examine the business-government relationship, helping pave the way for a variety of positions in the public sector.

Although legal studies is not intended to be a prelaw major, its courses may help you determine whether you are interested in law school. (It is important to note that law schools accept applicants from a broad range of undergraduate majors.)

See major requirements for more specific information.

Not a Kelley student?

Our courses are essential elements of several degree programs around campus, including:


The legal studies major is excellent preparation for consulting, risk management, legal auditing, and government, and other law-related fields. When it is combined with courses in areas such as management, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, operations, or the environment, job prospects are even better.

If graduate school is in your future, this major is an excellent background for areas such as public administration, business, and law.

For more information, check out the Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Program.