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Information friction and investor home bias: A perspective on the effect of global IFRS adoption on the extent of equity home bias

2008, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy

Messod Daniel Beneish, Teri Yohn


Abstract (Summary)

This paper provides a perspective on the effect of IFRS adoption on the tendency of investors to under-invest in foreign equities. We consider explanations for the equity home bias described in prior research and discuss research relevant to the informational consequences of global adoption of IFRS. Specifically, we evaluate whether IFRS adoption reduces information processing costs or decreases investor uncertainty about either the quality of financial reporting or the distribution of future cash flows. We predict that the effect of any reduction in information processing costs from the adoption of IFRS is likely to be small relative to the effects of other determinants of home bias such as the strength of investor protection mechanisms in foreign countries, behavioral biases toward familiar equities, and informational advantages related to geographical proximity. We argue that the quality of the information that investors have (or perceive they have) decreases with distance, conclude that global IFRS adoption is unlikely to affect home bias, and propose avenues for future research.


Beneish, Messod D. and Teri L. Yohn (2008), “Information friction and investor home bias:  A perspective on the effect of global IFRS adoption on the extent of equity home bias,” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, November/December, pp. 433-443.