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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies


Explore the opportunities to earn your Master's in Global Supply Chain opportunities at Kelley.

Master's (MBA & Specialized)

Course Descriptions

Select course titles to view a full description of MBA courses in Supply Chain and Operations. To view courses by individual faculty, see the faculty profiles.

K507: Intro to Spreadsheet Modeling

K508: Spreadsheet Modeling for Finance

K509: Spreadsheet Modeling for Marketing

K513: Data Mining

K515: Application Development in VBA

K579: Experimental Course in Decision Support Modeling

K590: Independent Study in Decision Sciences

P506: Logistics and Distribution

P507: Enterprise Resource Management

P509: Supply Chain Operations

P510: Service Operations

P512: Revenue Management

P520: Strategic Sourcing

P540: Strategic Choices in Operations

P550: Business Process Design

P552: Project Management

P561: Supply Chain Management and Technologies

P574: Enterprise Resource Planning—Integration

P579: Sustainable Operations

P590: Independent Study in Operations Management

P591: Production/Operations Project Course

S507: Management of Information Technology

S509: Information Systems in Modern Organizations

S510: Managing the Net-Enabled Organization

S514: Intro to IT General Controls

S516: Network Design and Management

S517: Mobile Business: Technologies and Strategies

S518: Managing Information Risk and Security

S520: Managing and Designing Database Systems

S523: Data Warehousing: Concepts and Management

S528: Object Oriented Business Programming

S529: Business Systems Analysis

S530: Business Analysis

S531: Advanced Web Applications Development

S535: Advanced Topics in Management Information Systems

S538: Organizational Information Systems Security

S540: Quantitative Methods for Accountants

S544: Executive Leadership of IT Strategy

S546: Capstone Project

S590: Independent Study in Information Systems