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Indiana University Bloomington

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The Kelley Advantage

Our accounting program is ranked #9 by the Public Accounting Report and #8 by U.S. News & World Report.

Worldwide Reputation

When I've faced important decisions, I have leaned heavily on past professors who continue to serve as my mentors.

Mike Evans,
BS '85

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"Freshman Initiative!"

Brett (BS '07) - 06/25/2012

During Brett's (BS'07) freshman year at Kelley, he met some Kelley alums from Goldman Sachs' Chicago office by offering to share with them his appetizer at a local restaurant. Brett stayed in touch with them and drove to their office the summer after his sophomore year for a 15-minute coffee break with them. When the alums realized Brett had driven four hours round trip just for them, they invited him to their offices and introduced him to Kelley alum Michael (BS'01). Four years later without any interaction during that time, Brett sent Michael an e-mail about an associate job opening in his division of Goldman. Brett was hired for the job, and Michael continues to be a mentor to Bretty today.

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