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Indiana University Bloomington

Membership Opportunities

The Emerging Markets Club offers open membership to all IU students. Membership is divided into General Members and Full Members. General Members are included in EMC email notifications will be offered first access to EMC events and opportunities. Members earn points through participation in EMC events to become Full Members. Full Membership benefits include a position title for your resume, and a guaranteed interview for a leadership position on the EMC board the following semester. Also the top 3 Members overall will receive exclusive EMC gear. Points are awarded on a semester basis, and are broken down in the table below.

EMC Membership Point System

  • 100 Points
    • Full Member Minimum
  • 50 Points
    • EMJ Article
    • EMAC Participant
  • 25 Points
    • Global Culture Night
    • General Meetings
    • Professional

Current opportunities for members include participation in club events, writing for the EMJ, and getting involved with EMAC.

Club Events

The Emerging Markets Club segments its meetings between professional events, general events, and social events. Professional events typically welcome a guest speaker from a company that recruits at Kelley. These events are a great networking opportunity for students, as well as a great information source for students interested in working in an emerging economy. General meetings are directed by the executive board and designed to bring members together once a month to discuss current events and business trends and enjoy the company of people with similar interests. Social events occur usually once a semester. Past events have included Salsa dancing lessons, and a cultural dining event on 4th Street. These events let members relax, get to know one another, and learn about the exciting cultures of the world.

Emerging Markets Journal: (EMJ)

All members are encouraged to contribute to the EMJ. The EMJ serves to report on business and political situations in emerging countries. We strive for objectivity and balanced coverage across all disciplines. Three issues are published each semester and have wide exposure both across the IU campus and to outside recruiters.  Writing for the journal is open to all undergraduate students who are interested in reporting on current events overseas. Writers will be hired at the beginning of the semester, but positions may become available through the year. 

Emerging Markets Alumni Connection (EMAC)

The EMAC is run in partnership with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.  The EMAC venture started in order to give current undergraduate students the ability to network with business leaders from Indiana University and gain a better understanding of international markets where alumni reside.  The program allows students who are studying abroad to connect with an IU alum in the area and apply their business acumen and establish valuable lasting relationships in an international business community.  They will also gain a better understanding of the specific challenges of working in the area, such as social standards and cultural differences.