Haizhen Lin

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(812) 855-3535

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Business School
Room 440

  • Assistant Professor of Business Economics


  • Bloomington


  • PhD, Boston University, 2008
  • MPhil, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2003
  • BA, Zhejiang University, 2001

Professional Experience

  • Indiana University, Kelley School of Business, Assistant Professor, 2008-Present

Professional Interests

Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Law and Economics, Applied Econometrics

Selected Publications

  • Lin, Haizhen, and Keith Hylton (2014), "Innovation and Optimal Punishment, with Antitrust Applications," Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 10(1): 1-25 Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen, and Keith Hylton (2013), "Negligence, Causation, and Incentives for Care," International Review of Law and Economics, 35, 80-89. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen, and Jeffrey Prince (2013), "The Impact of the Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance Program on Private Coverage and Medicaid Expenditures," Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 32, No. 6, pp.  1205-1213. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen, Jonathan D. Ketcham, James N. Rosenquist and Kosali I. Simon (2013), "Financial Distress and Use Of Mental Health Care: Evidence from Antidpressant Prescription Claims," Economics Letters, 121(3): 449-453. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen. "Competition and Price Discrimination in the Parking Garage Industry", with Yijia Wang, Working Paper, 2011. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen and Keith Hylton (2011), "American and European Monopolization Law: A Doctrinal and Empirical Comparison," in Regulating Innovation: Competition Policy and Patent Law under Uncertainty, Cambridge University Press, pp. 252-283. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen. "The Interplay of Private Insurance Subsidy and Public Insurance Spending: Evidence from Long-Term Care Partnership Program", with Robert Town, Working Paper 2010. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen. "Quality Choice and Market Structure: A Dynamic Analysis of Nursing Home Oligopolies" Working Paper 2010. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen and Keith Hylton 2010. "Optimal Antitrust Enforcement, Dynamic Competition, and Changing Economic Conditions," Antitrust Law Journal, Vol. 77, No. 1, pp. 247-276. Read Abstract
  • Lin, Haizhen (200),"Do Minimum Quality Standards Improve Quality? A Case Study of the Nursing Home Industry." Read Abstract